October 20-22, 2017 Costa Rica will host for first time the COPAC Pan American Championships for Canoe Slalom. Costa Rica Kayak Federation will be honored to have some of the best slalom kayakers of the continent competing at the Pejibaye River, the cities of Jimenez and Turrialba will be the location for this important event.

Competition Format and Order of the Events

  • Friday October 20th, 2017
    • Qualification runs: C1 Men, C1 Women, K1 Men, K1 Women, C2 Men, C2Mixed
  • Saturday October 21st, 2017
    • Semifinal: C1 Men, C1 Women, K1 Men, K1 Women, C2 Men, C2Mixed
    • Qualification run: Extreme Slalom
  • Sunday October 22nd, 2017
    • Semifinal/Final: Kayak Extreme
    • Final: C1 Men, C1 Women, K1 Men, K1 Women, C2 Men, C2Mixed

Two courses will be designed for Canoe Slalom. One course for qualifications and one course for semifinal and final.



Turrialba is a small city in Cartago Province of Costa Rica with an estimated population of 65,618, the elevation is 638 m (2,093 ft) and the temperature 20.9 ° to 30.9 ° (73.22 to 87.62). Several cities developed and prospered as a result of the building of the railroad to the Caribbean in 1882; Turrialba is one of these, and its architectural, spatial and ethnic makeup is different from other towns. Declared a City of National Archeological Interest (Guayabo National Park) this town is the entryway to the Costa Rican Caribbean. Two universities are located here: the Tropical Agronomy Research and Learning Center (CATIE), of international influence, and the University of Costa Rica. Turrialba’s outskirts contain appealing rural communities such as Santa Cruz, where homemade Turrialba cheese is produced, La Suiza and Aquiares, as well as the rapids of the Reventazón and Pacuare rivers. Pacuare and Reventazón Rivers are notable for whitewater rafting and kayaking, making Turrialba a mecca for the sport of Canoe Slalom.


Pejibaye, Costa Rica is an ecological community located in the Canton of Jiménez in the Provence of Cartago. Pejibaye is separated into many neighborhoods, including El Humo, Plaza Vieja, San Joaquin, Los Tigres, Oriente, El Oso, La Veinte (20), y Veinte Seis (26). Pejibaye is situated about 65 km from San Jose, 42 miles east of Cartago, 25 km south of Turrialba, 15 km south of Tucurrique, and 10 km west of La Suisa, at an altitude of 660 metres (2,170 ft) and an area of 209.18 km2. Buses travel six times a day to and from Cartago and Turrialba. The roads are preserved in their original pristine condition.

According to the Census of 2011 in Costa Rica, of the 14,669 people living in Jiménez, 3,245 are residents of Pejibaye. The municipal government is seated in Juan Viñas, and oversees Juan Viñas, Tuccurique, and Pejibaye.